Chainbreaker Posalada

The City of Santa Fe Invites the Community to a Midtown Public Engagement Posolada

As part of the City’s continuing commitment to gather community input in unique and fun ways, the City of Santa Fe is sponsoring a Posolada and Farolito drive-through on Midtown Site from 4:00 – 7:00 pm on Sunday, December 19, 202.

What: Chainbreaker’s 2021 Posolada and Farolito drive-through on Midtown Site as the culmination of the Midtown public input gathering phase. The event honors the traditions, culture, and heritage of Santa Fe, provide a space for healing, and serve as the culmination of this input gathering phase.

People will be asked to remain in their cars during the program like a drive-in movie and the event will be broadcast live on KSWV 99.5 radio.

The Farolito cruise is from 4 pm -5 pm and ends end in the Greer Garson parking lot for the drive-in program. Participants will remain in their cars for COVID safety, and bikes, food bags, hot food and vaccines will be given out.

Mayor Webber, Councilwoman Villarreal, Councilwoman Cassutt and representatives of the Midtown Engagement Partners will speak at 5:30 pm.

Surveys to gather input on the development of the campus will continue to be collected until the end of the event and will be included in the final report and recommendations to the city.

The City Survey is also available online in both English and Spanish, as well as UNM Design and Planning Assistance CenterSurvey.

When: Sunday, December 19, 2021. The Farolito cruise begins at 4 pm and ends at the starts at Program starts at 5:30 pm and ends at 7:00 pm.

Where: Midtown Site 1600 St. Michael’s Dr., outdoors at the asphalt between Greer Garson and Visual Arts Center.

Why: Chainbreaker, along with the City and the Midtown Engagement Partnership, will host a Farolito drive-through event at the Midtown Campus to honor the traditions, culture, and heritage of Santa Fe, provide a space for healing, and serve as the culmination of the input gathering phase of the Midtown Community Engagement. Farolitos will represent the potential of Midtown to be a beacon of hope and an example of development without displacement as they create an inviting atmosphere on the campus.

Who: The City of Santa Feand he Midtown Engagement Partnership including the UNM Design and Planning Assistance Center (DPAC), Chainbreaker Collective,  Santa Fe Art Institute, Earth Care, Littleglobe, YouthWorks, Fathers of New Mexico, Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library, La Familia and the Santa Fe Indigenous Center.

For more information about and to keep informed on the progress of the Midtown Moving Forward project, visit

If you would like more information on the Posolada, please call Tomás Rivera at 505-310-0609 or email at

Midtown Continues to Move Forward for All of Us

The City, in collaboration with local community organizations, continues to collect public input through authentic, fun, creative and interactive
events in various ways and places. Our shared goal is for Santa Fe communities, including historically under represented communities, to
participate in planning the most consequential development of a generation in the future life of Santa Fe.
The following calendar identifies on-going public engagement activities organized by local community partners. Check back often at these
websites for public engagement updates and other information about Midtown Moving Forward:

Community & patient asset/need mapping at LFMC and in community settings.October 25th, 2021 – November 26th, 2021  La Familia Medical Center & nearby communitiesLa Familia Medical CenterNo
Engaging with Native American people from Santa Fe County to seek their opinions and ideas about usage of the Midtown area and in particular how they would use a powwow grounds through regular organizational activitiesOctober 11th, 2021 – November 30th, 2021  Indigenous Peoples Day at Reunity Resources; Midtown Block Party; Virtual via newsletterSanta Fe Indigenous CenterNo  
Contacting parents engaged in Fathers NM programming to understand how the development of the Midtown area impacts their families.October 18th, 2021 – November 30th, 2021Virtual via one-on-one communications with parentsFathers New MexicoNo  
Working with schools through the Community Educators Network;November, 10th and 17th, 2021Milagro Middle SchoolFriends of the Santa Fe Public LibraryNo
hosting listening sessions with cultural leaders regarding cultural assets at Midtown.November 19th at 1PM November 30th at 1PMVirtualFriends of the Santa Fe Public LibraryNo
Hosting a larger community conversation about cultural assetsNovember 30th at 5:30 PMVirtualFriends of the Santa Fe Public LibraryProbably
Bicycle Resource Center University: a 13/14-week bicycle repair program which teaches members of the community how to repair and build bikes. Every SundayChainbreaker office;Chainbreaker CollectiveNo (enrolled residents only)
Potential future repair clinics at Midtown events.TBDMidtown siteChainbreaker CollectiveMaybe
Potential Midtown bike rides, future workshops TBDMidtown SiteChainbreaker CollectiveMaybe
Door to door canvassingTBDneighborhoods surrounding MidtownChainbreaker CollectiveNo
Teacher training for elementary and middle school students to join the Midtown Visioning Project, and Elementary and Middle School student visioning projects. Focus groups & surveys with youth, community leadership council and in high schoolsOctober 26th, 2021 – November 10th, 2021  Monte de Sol Charter School, Santa Fe High School, Capital High School, ECO High School, St. Michael’s High SchoolEarth CareNo
Daily Midtown Visioning via in-person surveying with clients, families, job applicants, walk-ins, alumni, customers and via YouthWorks community gatherings. Additional Eblasts and FB survey collection to gather input from YouthWorks supporters.October 24th, 2021 – November 24th, 2021  Youthworks office; Virtual via Youthworks social mediaYouthWorksNo
Video interviews (captured at Block Party) will be transcribed and analyzed, with a report of findings. October 23rd, 2021 – November 30th, 2021Virtual – Littleglobe social media & cultureconnects.siteLittleglobeVideos will be made public, via social media and Midtown Santa Fe and Culture Connect sites.
End of Year event – more details forthcomingDecember 19th, 2021MidtownMidtown Engagement PartnersYes
  • Engagements sponsored by the City of Santa Fe..
  • Public engagement process managed by UNM Design & Planning Assistance Program
  • Midtown Engagement Partners and Midtown Activation Partners are local community organizations facilitating and organizing the public engagement process and activities

Midtown Block Party Recap!

Midtown Block Party

Midtown Block Party Engaged New Voices

The Midtown Block Party  on Saturday, October 23, brought over 800 members of the community together to activate the Midtown site and provide opportunities for individuals and groups to give their input on the future of the Midtown property.

The event included food trucks, live music by four groups, a community mural workshop, a tenant rights clinic, film screenings, a community filmmaking workshop, a pumpkin patch, artist booths, raffles, bike giveaways, and other activities that engaged the community in sharing ideas about the future of Midtown.

“This event demonstrated how people from Santa Fe communities can come together to share their ideas and thoughts about the future of our city,” said Mayor Alan Webber. “Next, we make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity a reality as we move from public input and planning to zoning and execution, and together we’ll create the new center of Santa Fe.”

The City has partnered with local organizations committed to equitable and inclusive processes. The Midtown Engagement Partners hosted the Block Party and included Santa Fe Art InstituteChainbreaker Collective , Earth Care , Littleglobe , and YouthWorks . Additionally, there were four Midtown Activation Partners that participated in the event — Fathers of New Mexico , Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library , La Familia Medical Center , and the Santa Fe Indigenous Center .

The Block Party focused on engaging the voices of families with children, people of color, low-income households, and other members of our community that are often left out of the planning process. Future engagement efforts will continue to focus on opportunities for these communities to participate in Midtown planning, along with all members of Santa Fe communities. By all accounts, the Block Party was considered a breakthrough success in this respect:

Miguel Acosta, Co-Director of Earth Care, says: “We were very happy with the results of this collaboration, and with the growing partnerships with city staff and their consultants. This demonstrates increased understanding of the power and possibilities of community-led development. The majority of those in attendance were from populations underrepresented in previous outreach efforts, and several thousands more were engaged in other ways just in the last few weeks.”

Melynn Schuyler, Executive Director of YouthWorks, says: “YouthWorks brought 23 youth and young adults from all sectors of the city to assist with the day’s events and activities. They all brought incredible energy and excitement to make the event that much more inclusive and well-rounded! YouthWorks is thrilled about the Midtown Block party’s outcomes and feedback from the public! When so much in the world seems off-kilter, the outpouring of interest and energy as a community resounded!”

Jamie Blosser, Executive Director of the Santa Fe Art Institute, says: “The Midtown Block Party demonstrated what is possible when partner organizations utilize their individual skills and talents to work together with the mutual commitment of building a more connected, equitable, and resilient city. How exciting that last weekend we saw the Midtown property come to life as a vibrant, soulful, and community-oriented neighborhood hub!”

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